the smarter way to resolve credential
sharing headaches

Uniquely identify users by individual devices, gatekeep your product and unlock hidden revenue opportunity.

Detect multi-accounting, easily

Credential sharing costs businesses millions per year in lost revenue and means users avoid paying for the amounts of seats or individuals really using the services, just ask Netflix.

Not only that, but it comes with increased risk of unauthorised transactions and chargebacks and affects your ability to rely on internal metrics for business reporting.

With Hitprobe, every event is an opportunity to detect the good from the bad

Smarter detection

Detect and cross reference known device ID's to limit access to services in seconds.

Defence, your way

Leverage custom & smart rules to review, limit or prevent device access. 

Revenue protection

Reveal credential sharing in an instant to protect revenue. Stop fraud before it hurts.

Obtain a stable device fingerprint, every time

Cross reference known account device IDs against new, even when users attempt to look obscure their ID (i.e. using a VPN, or switching to incognito).
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Validate against every email address provided

Cross reference device ID's against validated email addresses to detect how many devices are associated, per user account.
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Leverage smarter rules to reduce risk

Review suspicious activity, limit access to services and maximise device fingerprint efficiency, all from the Hitprobe console.
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Solve more than just credential sharing, with Hitprobe

Signup and onboarding

Check every signup and automatically block high risk visitors based on their IP, email, phone or device data.
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Paywall protection

Leverage stronger paywall protection and ensure that
monetised content stays locked until payment is made.
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Deploy just like CATCHA

If you've installed CAPTCHA services before, you'll find Hitprobe effortless. The simple two-step process takes minutes to complete.


The agent runs unobtrusively, without requiring the visitor to interact with it at all. On the server side, you'll get a fast response.

Comprehensive docs

We know how important it is to the developer experience to have a great set of docs. That's why we've worked so hard on them.
Unlock insights, eradicate credential sharing

Lock down credential sharing, unlock revenue opportunity

Hitprobe gathers actionable data, so you can make informed decisions & protect what matters most.