know the difference between The good, the bad & the fake leads  

Eradicate lead generation & affiliate fraud, root out risk,  decontaminate CRMs & databases and clean up sales pipelines and forecasting, it's that simple.

when is a lead, actually a lead?

Lead generation & affiliate lead fraud costs businesses valuable time & money and without the correct tools in place to detect fake submissions or suppliers/agents attempting to use methods designed to obscure data submitted to obtain commission unfairly, the problem remains unsolved at a significant cost to the business.

Leveraging smarter tools helps businesses to detect fraud in their lead data, reduce conversion costs, removes incorrect commission payment risk & helps businesses to say goodbye to wasted operational time and energy, allowing them to focus on the valuable leads in the pipeline.

Validate new leads, confirm the identity of known sales agents & reduce lead-gen fraud

Uncover risky emails

Check if the email address is valid, high risk or if it's associated with previous submissions.

Deep number checks

Check if the phone is in country, reachable and how many times its been seen before.

IP & geolocation checks

Cross reference IP & geolocation data, detect methods designed to evade detection.

Stable device fingerprinting

See how many times a device has been associated with leads historically.

Cross reference everything

Reduce fake/repeat leads by verifying against previously submitted data.

A better way of working

Route out fraud in suppliers, partners or agents and protect revenue.

Deploy just like CATCHA

If you've installed CAPTCHA services before, you'll find Hitprobe effortless. The simple two-step process takes minutes to complete.


The agent runs unobtrusively, without requiring the visitor to interact with it at all. On the server side, you'll get a fast response.

Comprehensive docs

We know how important it is to the developer experience to have a great set of docs. That's why we've worked so hard on them.
Say goobye to lead generation data headaches

build trust in your leads

Say goodbye to lead gen fraud and improve your sales and marketing funnel in just a few clicks.