your monetised, premium content is safe, right?

Seamless revenue & subscription protection, for when you need it most. Detect potential abusers, before they even get past your paywall.

Protect content, grow your revenue

Paywall fraud/abuse occurs when individuals bypass or exploit digital paywalls meant to restrict access to content, typically by using unauthorised means to access premium content without payment.

Deploy smarter paywall defence with Hitprobe, designed to detect device & browser switching, incognito mode & track users even when cookies have been cleared, allowing you to decide who's allowed in and where to deploy your own additional robust authentication measures to challenge abuse or convert an abuser to a paid user.

Solve more than one problem, with Hitprobe

Signup and onboarding

Check every signup and automatically block high risk visitors based on their IP, email, phone or device data.
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Bonus abuse protection

Protect your business from referral, bonus and promotional code abuse all whilst safeguarding genuine activity.
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See the full picture

Ensure every device detected
is assigned a stable ID, even when
attempting to use methods to evade

Challenge back

Create rules in the console designed
to keep access metered, or prevented
outright until payment is made - Hitprobe
is designed with flexibility in mind.

Close the door to abuse

Hitprobe helps provide rich data so you can see the good from the bad. Only allow paid users past your paywall and protect yourself from unnecessary risk, every time.
Add paywall circumvention defence to your product in minutes

Monetize content effectively, with hitprobe

Advanced device intelligence, fingerprinting and browser insights at your fingertips, all designed to keep your paywall standing & abusers out.