detect suspicious signups, in seconds

Stop fraudsters in their tracks, reduce churn and verify online history in an instant. Hitprobe helps you get the full picture, in real time.

see through the smoke and mirrors

Signup & onboarding abuse typically happens when individuals use malicious or fraudulent methods to create multiple accounts, often to abuse free trials, get around previous  account bans or to abuse promotional discounts/coupons.

Hitprobe instantly detects suspicious activity, allowing you to separate the good, from the bad, effortlessly, all whilst giving you the breathing room to ensure a frictionless onboarding for those 'first seen' users.

Focus on the genuine signups, leave Hitprobe to be the gatekeeper for the rest

Compare IP & device data

Dig deeper to give your signup & onboarding flow enhanced protection.

Block suspicious connections

Instantly detect & block suspicious connections such as VPN's, proxies and TORs.

Multi-account defence

Automatically check signup & device data to ensure that new user, is actually new.

Enhanced email defence

Detect the age, type and social footprint of an email and any associated historic breaches.

Deep phone number checks

Check for risky number types and if the device is switched on and reachable, in seconds.

Frictionless onboarding

Designed to protect the good from the bad, with Hitprobe, every transaction is protected.

Deploy just like CATCHA

If you've installed CAPTCHA services before, you'll find Hitprobe effortless. The simple two-step process takes minutes to complete.


The agent runs unobtrusively, without requiring the visitor to interact with it at all. On the server side, you'll get a fast response.

Comprehensive docs

We know how important it is to the developer experience to have a great set of docs. That's why we've worked so hard on them.
100 events a month free, forever

Protection starts with signup & onboarding, but it doesn't stop there

Protect against bonus abuse

Identify users who repeatedly abuse free trials or bonuses and take action, instantly.

Reduce chargeback fraud

Reveals the hidden details behind every transaction. Stop fraud before it hurts.

Lockdown credential sharing

Hitprobe can tell you how many devices are associated with each login activity.

full signup & onboarding protection, just a few clicks away

There has never been a better time to leverage actionable intelligence.