Welcome to Hitprobe

Welcome to Hitprobe

Hitprobe is now generally available. Here's a short launch message from the team.

Like many a startup, Hitprobe was built to meet our own needs. Whilst running a telecoms app, we found it really hard to tell a genuine customer from a scammer. The fraud tools provided by our billing provider Stripe were helpful, but by no means broad enough to help us out.

We needed something to help us look through the details a user provides to us and see the real picture. Is that a real email address? By "real", we know it probably works as it's a @gmail.com, but is it a real email, one used in the real world by a real person.

So we built Hitprobe. It's helped us to save time manually reviewing sign-ups, and most importantly, we're saving money. We can now sift between the good, bad, and the ugly.

Now we're opening up Hitprobe for everyone to use. We've tried to make it simple, developer-friendly, and more accessible than other solutions on the market, whilst still being just as powerful. There are big, big plans in the pipeline too.

We're open to feedback, let us know how you'd like to see the platform develop at support@hitprobe.com. Thanks for being here right from the start.

The Hitprobe Team

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