detect potential chargeback risk, before it happens

Combine device fingerprinting, IP & geolocation checks alongside rich user profiles to combat chargeback fraud & minimise operational workload.

Reduce risk, increase visibility

Chargeback fraud typically occurs when a consumer fraudulently disputes a legitimate transaction to receive a refund while retaining the goods or services, leaving businesses exposed to substantial losses.

Hitprobe helps to reduce chargeback fraud by deploying robust mechanisms to identify & track fraudulent activities, enhances user verification processes, and adapts to evolving fraud tactics.

Hitprobe provides real insights & removes the guess work

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Device fingerprinting

Hitprobe detects how many accounts the device is associated with and helps to stop fraudulent transactions before they lead to chargebacks.
A view of the Hitprobe interface showing a smart rule flagging up an anonymous visitor.

Analyze patterns

Analyze the history of known fingerprints and IP addresses, right from the console, and allow/block transactions in seconds.

Location referencing

Cross reference historic IP and geolocation against new transactions to detect suspicious anomalies and act before they hurt your business.

Reduce false positives

Fingerprinting provides a more accurate way to verify the authenticity of a transaction using a variety of data points, giving you with the best line of defence.
Screenshot showing a custom rule being added. There are inputs for the field to check, the threshold, and the action to take.

Leverage all email data

Detect random strings of characters or disposable domains, which may be more likely to be used in fraudulent transactions.
Screenshot showing a custom rule being added. There are inputs for the field to check, the threshold, and the action to take.
Screenshot showing email data, with the "Allowlist email" button, which can allowlist the email address.

Prevent account takeovers

Deploy your own additional MFA checks (multi-factor authentication) where Hitprobe detects a new device associated with an account.

Lower the risks of chargeback fraud, instantly

Smarter detection

Cross reference known device IDs to new in seconds.

Defence, your way

Create custom & smart rules to review, limit or prevent device access. 

Revenue protection

Automatically flag chargeback risk in seconds.

Hitprobe offers more than just chargeback fraud protection

Lead generation verification

Check every signup and automatically block high risk visitors based on their IP, email, phone or device data.
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Bonus abuse protection

Protect your business from referral, bonus and promotional code abuse all whilst safeguarding genuine activity.
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defence designed to protect your bottom line

Reduce chargebacks, track fraudulent activities and protect every transaction, all with Hitprobe.