Remove the bonus, from the abuser

Identify IP, device and email threats, reduce manual review time and lock down bonus abuse for good.
It's a win, win, for you.

the bonus of added protection

Bonus abuse, also known as promotion abuse or bonus fraud, occurs when individuals exploit promotional offers provided by businesses. This abuse is particularly common in industries like online gambling, e-commerce, and digital services.

Hitprobe helps defend against multi-account creation, referral fraud and the exploitative use of promotion codes so you can filter the good, from the bad.

Detect suspicious IP connections

Hitprobe can easily identify tools designed to obscure an IP address, preventing repeat bonus abuse.
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Obtain a stable device fingerprint, every time

Provides a stable device ID that remains consistent, even when visitors attempt to look like a new user (i.e. using a VPN, or switching to incognito).
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Join all the digital dots

Hitprobe pulls together a concise user & event report, linking repeat signups and their associated devices to flag potential abusers, instantly.
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Reduce risk, right out of the box  

Reduce manual review times

Automatically check historical data to ensure that new user, is actually new.

Create rules, not roadblocks

Create custom & smart rules designed to flag suspicious usage whilst protecting user journeys.

Reward the good, not the bad

Reward the right users, every time. Hitprobe helps protect your bottom line.

More than just bonus abuse detection

Signup and onboarding

Check every signup and automatically block high risk visitors based on their IP, email, phone or device data.
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Credential sharing

Detect how many devices are associated with each login and create custom & smart rules designed to protect your website, form or ecommerce transaction.
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Deploy just like CATCHA

If you've installed CAPTCHA services before, you'll find Hitprobe effortless. The simple two-step process takes minutes to complete.


The agent runs unobtrusively, without requiring the visitor to interact with it at all. On the server side, you'll get a fast response.

Comprehensive docs

We know how important it is to the developer experience to have a great set of docs. That's why we've worked so hard on them.
Don't let bonus abuse just unnecessary headaches

Make bonus abuse a thing of the past

Beat bonus abuse, effortlessly, with Hitprobe.
Protect websites, forms, and ecommerce transactions.