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Stop repeat signups, identify threats, block bad actors, reduce chargebacks, and more. Fast and effective website protection.

Hitprobe helps you identify returning visitors, spot red flags, and reduce fraud

Signup & onboarding

Check every signup and automatically block high risk visitors.

Bonus abuse

Identify users who repeatedly abuse free trials or bonuses.

Chargeback fraud

Reveals the hidden details behind every transaction. Stop fraud before it hurts.


Hitprobe provides a stable device ID, without cookies. Use it to limit free content.

Lead generation verification

Route out fraud in your lead suppliers or outside partners.

Credential sharing

Hitprobe can tell you how many devices are associated with each login.

Stable device fingerprint

Provides a stable device ID that remains consistent even when visitors attempt to look like a new user (i.e. using a VPN, or switching to incognito).
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IP address analysis

Detects VPNs, Tor nodes, and other threats. See how many events originate from a network in real-time (and drill down to investigate).
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Uncover throwaway emails

Check if the email address is valid, and look out for common traits of suspicious email addresses.
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Deep phone number checks

Check for problem number types, and check that the number is currently switched on and reachable.
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Address parsing and analysis

How many times has an address been seen before? Hitprobe normalizes postal addresses and flags up risks.
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Alerts you and your application to red flags, before they cost you

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Allow or block outcome

Hitprobe provides a simple allow or block outcome, making your application logic simple.

Smart rules

Smart rules allow you to respond to common threats simply by enabling one switch. It couldn't be easier.
A view of the Hitprobe interface showing a smart rule flagging up an anonymous visitor.

Custom rules

Where you need flexibility and precision, create custom rules on any data field that Hitprobe provides.
Screenshot showing a custom rule being added. There are inputs for the field to check, the threshold, and the action to take.

Relationships & frequency

Get real-time counts of how many times a particular device, IP address, email, etc. has been seen.

Review queue

Where an event needs to be reviewed (instead of blocked), get an email notification and review it right from the queue.
Screenshot showing email data, with the "Allowlist email" button, which can allowlist the email address.


Sometimes your team needs to quickly allow a user to proceed past your rules. Hitprobe makes this easy.

Deploy just like CATCHA

If you've installed CAPTCHA services before, you'll find Hitprobe effortless. The simple two-step process takes minutes to complete.


The agent runs unobtrusively, without requiring the visitor to interact with it at all. On the server side, you'll get a fast response.

Comprehensive docs

We know how important it is to the developer experience to have a great set of docs. That's why we've worked so hard on them.
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